GrapeCity krewSheet

Manipulate Kintone data easily with krewSheet’s spreadsheet custom view

You love Kintone, but you miss the flexibility of spreadsheets… With the krewSheet plug-in, you can change a Kintone app’s record list page into an Excel-type spreadsheet view to display and edit data with ease. krewSheet feels like any standard spreadsheet program and will add an extra level of maneuverability and visibility of data within Kintone.


  • A built-in drag-and-drop design for adding and removing columns in the spreadsheet
  • Excel-like data manipulation allows you to add, edit, duplicate, and delete records with ease
  • Copy and paste functionality makes work even more efficient
  • Style your data for better visibility with conditional formatting and freeze-panes
  • Display totals, means, ranges, and more with aggregation rows
  • Over 300 Excel functions and operators make it easy to perform complex calculations
  • Display and edit tables and related records from the record list view
  • Downloading the app data as an Excel file allows you to perform secondary data manipulation in Excel


  • In a budget or expenses management app where it is crucial to analyze and manipulate numerical data efficiently in bulk
  • In an account management app where information is being edited and checked constantly
  • In an inventory management app where functions and conditional formatting can be applied to keep track of, for example, when stock needs to be reordered

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