GrapeCity krewDashboard

Visualize data from multiple apps in one place through informative charts and pivot tables

Are you in need of a dashboard that allows you to get data across multiple Kintone apps? Try out krewDashboard.

Kintone has great out-of-the-box chart functionalities, but JavaScript customization is needed to visualize data from multiple apps. krewDashboard allows you to visualize data from any number of apps without any coding, supporting a swift status check and insight to make quick smart decisions.

krewDashboard Sales


  • Transform data into organized pivot tables and charts across multiple apps in Kintone
  • Additional chart capability such as Gauge charts, Radar charts, Bubble charts and Funnel charts
  • Categorize data with user defined filters
  • Cross filter multiple charts based on selected values
  • Drill-down from charts to further analyze related data
  • Create additional calculated-fields directly on charts and pivot table
  • Comment and discuss within the dashboard
  • Export data from dashboards or independent charts to PDF or image files
  • Export visualized data into Excel and CSV files


  • Budget Tracker – Manage allocated budget and expense used by team and categories
  • Lead Management – Visualize leads from various data points to build your next strategy
  • Omnichannel Sales Management – Analyze sales by different channels on a single dashboard and even compare from previous years
  • Daily Sales Report – Check sales data from multiple sources and easily filter by product category
  • Inquiry Management – Visualize number of calls received and track statues in real time
  • Factory Performance Management – Check your factory’s utilization rate


krewDashboard has two plans: Simple and Standard. Simple plan includes all charts and basic filtering. Standard plan includes all features from Simple plan, cross-filter, drill-down, export data and calculated-field. Free trial is provided in the Standard plan.

Simple Plan

PlanAnnualMonthly *
AUp to 50 users$840$70
B51 – 100 users$1,320$110
C101 – 200 users$1,620$135
D201 – 500 users$2,280$190
E501 – 1000 users$3,900$325

Standard Plan

PlanAnnualMonthly *
AUp to 50 users$1,380$115
B51 – 100 users$2,160$180
C101 – 200 users$2,820$235
D201 – 500 users$3,900$325
E501 – 1000 users$6,540$545

The price is per subdomain and the number of users include guest users.

* Annual contracts only. Monthly contract is not an option for this add-on.