Calendar Plus

Share and organize your schedule with the fast and responsive Calendar Plus Plug-in for Kintone

Calendar Plus is a plug-in for the Kintone platform that allows users to easily share events and meetings with others.

Have you ever had trouble scheduling events due to different time zones and languages? Calendar Plus Plug-in will help you solve this problem by providing full support for multiple time zones and multiple languages making schedule management much more simple and intuitive than before.

This calendar can also be viewed by month, week, or day, and can be easily assigned colors to categorize events making it much easier to organize and plan events.

Along with the basic version which provides general calendar functionality, the Pro version offers additional support and options for scheduling resources such as person in charge, conference/meetings rooms, vehicles, or any other custom resource. Calendar Plus also allows the user to link with Kintone’s Departments & Users to provide a complete schedule overview for the entire organization.

Use Cases

  • Share events and meetings with others
  • Create your own private events
  • Drag and drop to easily rearrange and share your schedule
  • Assign colors to categorize events
  • Full support for multiple time zones
  • Multiple language support!  (English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese)
  • Supports installation within a Guest Space!
  • Use custom resources to clarify person in charge, conference/meetings rooms, vehicles, etc.


Annual contracts only. Price is per subdomain.

PlanPrice (monthly)

Basic -> Pro Upgrade    Pro version fee will be applied from the month following the upgrade date.

  • The Calendar Plus plug-in is offered with either a Trial License or Paid License (Basic or Pro).
    • Basic License: A paid license with all general calendar functionality
    • Pro License: A paid license which includes all functionality of the Basic License, plus additional resource scheduling and management
  • The Trial License has the following limitations, but all functionality can be freely used without any time restrictions.
    • A trial popup notification will be displayed when starting the application, adding a new event, or using a Pro feature.
    • No support will be provided.

Detailed product information can be found on the Calendar Plus plug-in website. 


Basic: Use drag and drop to easily rearrange and share your schedule.

Kintone Radical Bridge calendar add on

Pro: In addition to all of the functions provided in the Basic version, up to five different resources (person in charge, conference/meeting rooms, etc) can be freely added to and shared in your schedule.

Kintone Radical Bridge calendar add on day view

How to get started

Download the Calendar Plus plug-in now and start the trial for free!

This plug-in is currently available to companies only in the USA through Kintone Corporation.

Calendar Plus Plugin and Kintone