Ricoh Automated Data Capture


Ricoh Automated Data Capture


Easily extract data from paper, e-mail, local drive, and cloud storage documents and add it to your Kintone database.

Turn unstructured data into usable information

  The Ricoh Automated Data Capture Package — part of Ricoh’s Cloud Workflow Solutions — let you easily extract data from your documents on paper, e-mail, local drive, cloud storage, and input the data into your Kintone database. What does this mean? No more manual data entry. No more data entry errors. Faster and automated workflow. The solution does not just save tremendous time and cost, but also gives you the power to make decisions quicker with accurate data.

Feature Highlights

  • Automated general data extraction from Ricoh Multi-Functional Printer (MFP), E-mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Local Computer
  • Automated general data recognition through easily creating a form recognition template
  • Metadata tagging for a seamless integration with Kintone

Use Case Examples

  • Invoice, Purchase and Sales Orders
  • Standardized Contracts & Agreements
  • HR Forms & Applications
  • Shipping Orders
  • Product & Price Lists
  • Bank Statements

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Detailed product and pricing information can be found on the Ricoh Automated Data Capture page.

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