Take Your Operations to the Next Level: Solutions Seminar

Join Kintone & Solvv to learn how Kintone’s app-building platform lets teams get back to making an impact rather than sorting through disorganized data, communication gaps, and annoying emails. Our interactive, lunch-and- learn Solutions Workshop will show you why Kintone’s centralized app-building process makes it possible for your teams to access, share, and collaborate over data more effortlessly than ever.
Cutting edge teamwork tools are transforming the operations of the Real Estate, Legal and Higher Ed industries. Don’t be left behind in the old inefficient spreadsheet and annoying email paradigm. Join industry peers and say hello to the new age of data and process centered collaboration.
This seminar will be focused on Real Estate, Legal, and Higher Education but is open to anyone that is interested in attending. The seminar will highlight 3 application build workshops.

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Introduction Video