Build a Biz App in 30 Mins with Kintone

Kintone is hosting Biz Apps with Kintone on May 10 at WeWork Chicago Grant Park! Join us for an interactive workshop to learn how to create custom business applications in 30 minutes or less!
You may find yourself thinking, can I really make an app in 30 minutes that will fit my every need? Have no fear, Kintone is here! Rest assured that you, yes YOU can create your very own custom applications to create more efficient workflows, to move away from those pesky spreadsheets and become an overall more efficient professional.
You will be joined by a few of our Kintone experts as well as members of the WeWork community to network, ask questions & work together to build your very own business applications. We will also be giving away special prizes to the team or person who creates the best Kintone use case!
We hope to see you there,
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