JOYZO Doodle

Joyzo Doodle got an update! Visit JOYZO Doodle 2 for the updated version.

Whether you want to save electronic signatures or share a handwritten image, the Doodle Plug-in is for you!

The Doodle Plug-in allows you to save drawings within the Kintone app. It’s as easy as going to page to edit your record, doodle, and save!

Please note this plug-in is not designed for signatures for legally binding contracts or agreements, but is commonly be used for signature evidence for internal process approvals.


  • Having a customer sign off on a tablet for a report of work and saving it as an image file
  • Drawing out a rough plan and saving as an illustration
  • Taking notes or drawing out concepts during a meeting and saving them all together


$30/month per subdomain (annual contract)

Purchase 3 JOYZO plug-ins for $60/month per subdomain  (annual contract)

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